MU SHUKA IRI is an alternative education programme developed by Five Cowries Arts Education Initiative (FCI). MU SHUKA IRI is a community based, community driven, learning programme, achieved by empowering women in the community.

MU SHUKA IRI evolved from an earlier pilot programme designed by FCI called “Ka Shuka Iri”. The Ka Shuka Iri pilot programme was developed with support from UNICEF and involved 50 teachers and educators and 7,000 children in 2 Local Government Areas (LGA) in Kano State (Kunchi & Tsanyawa LGAs).

MU SHUKA IRI is based out of learning hubs in Kano State. In 2024 we will be opening hubs in Sokoto and Adamawa State. Our “Aunties” are nominated by local leaders and are drawn from the target communities.

Each Aunty is trained by FCI to become a community educator and deliver the programme in their own community, receiving a certificate on completion. The training involves monthly intensive training session and continuous learning through the 8 months of the programme duration overseen by FCI. The training includes hands-on training on the delivery of the programme within the designated households. At the end of the programme the Aunties are qualified to deliver subsequent phases of the programme, set up their own childcare facility/creche, and/or train other community educators.

Our MSI hubs are:

   A training space for new “Aunties”.

   A drop in/resources space for Alumni Aunties.

   A controlled drop in learning space for children in the community.

   If located in a school they become a drop in space for teachers in the school.

Read our Mu Shuka Iri Phase 1 report here